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Since Chinese troops marched into Tibet in 1949, China has denied Tibetans self-determination and treated Tibet like a colony run by Chinese Communist officials. Hundreds of thousands of Tibetans have died as a direct result of China's occupation in the past 60 years—from starvation, torture and execution. Conditions are so grave that every year as many as 3,500 risk their lives to flee their homeland through the dangerous Himalayan mountains.

The International Campaign for Tibet has a 20-year record of achievement championing the Tibetan cause—and the vision and leadership of the Dalai Lama—in the halls of Congress and in international forums. We strive to mobilize international goodwill in support of the Tibetan people. Our focus today is centered on working with governments to demonstrate meaningful support for Tibet, reaching out to Chinese all over the world, and monitoring conditions inside Tibet.

Our 2009 Action Agenda is ambitious—and critical for the future of Tibet. With your help, we will concentrate on these key points this year:

  • Increasing support in Congress for Tibetans inside Tibet and in exile, including humanitarian assistance for Tibetans fleeing persecution by the Chinese government;
  • Creating focus and a sense of urgency in the new Obama Administration for pressing an action agenda that helps secure the end of human rights abuses in Tibet and effectively supports a negotiated solution for Tibet;
  • Continuing to build a massive base of understanding and support for Tibet by educating the public, national and international leaders;
  • Gathering information, conducting the intensive research and exposing the real situation in Tibet to build a massive base of understanding and support for Tibet in the media and within our communities; and
  • Most importantly, exploring every avenue of influence to secure the release of Tibetan political prisoners.

With your help, we can counter the brutality and injustice of Beijing, and fight not just for the Tibet of today—but for the potential of a strong Tibet tomorrow.



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Morningstar Compositions is the primary sponsor of  A percentage of the proceeds from any Morningstar Composition sold goes to support projects for orphans.