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                                     Mother's Recipe for Joy and Success


Self-love develops by always trying to choose the best right way

Plan to win. Set realistic goals, review, revise, reach, reset others

Use time wisely. Fill your mind with productive and positive thoughts

Do the thing you fear to do in order to develop inner confidence

Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation. Prepare to win

Persistence, determination, and hard work make the difference

Always complete the task in order to feel productive and happy

Let your word be your bond, for you have nothing without the trust of others

Don't limit your interests and life will never be boring

Discover, admit, and change your undesirable personality traits

Don't judge others actions or situations unless you're omnipotent

Be hearty in your praise of others, and limit criticism

Be genuinely interested in others, listen with intent

Be friendly, especially to the unfriendly, always smile

Learn to see and sympathize with the other man's view point

Avoid negative situations, especially arguing. Learn to yield

Be above fools, rise above the crowd, restrain your natural response

Hatred is never ended by hatred, but by love. Learn to forgive and forget

It's OK to admit you don't know, you will always lack knowledge

Develop diplomacy. Become skilled in productive personal communication

Choose with great consideration; you can't change the consequence

Limit material wants, simplify life, and achieve balance

Buy experiences and memories, possessions are meaningless

Never say no to a beggar for 'giving' without reward is the ultimate joy

To develop a good attitude, act like you have one all the time

Be happy everyday, problems don't go away, they only change

Education is the key to mental and emotional understanding and growth

The only lasting joy comes through spiritual experiences and hopes

View yesterday as your education for tomorrow's application

Be silly, laugh and enjoy life, in spite of it's inconceivable twists and turns

Make the world a better place because you were in it

Be tender, let your heart show

Give yourself away today, tomorrow may be too late

Most of all cherish children, and family, and love

Yesterday ended last night. Today is the first day of the rest of your life.





 At the end of ones life, secrets lose their importance.

 Rena rolled up her sleeve and stretched out her arm in front of her daughter. “A long time ago when I was a very young women, there was a table and some medical instruments, a medic with a needle in his hand who demanded I roll up my sleeve. That was when I ceased to be Rena Anne Steiner and became number 453897.”

“I don’t understand, Mama.”

“There are things I’ve never told you, dear. Many things. Things I have kept in secret for certain reasons, reasons I thought were best…for you. Living in America is a great blessing, things are so bad in other places. I never want you to experience anything like my life. I love you, Julia. I want you to remember that no matter what you learn about me this day…there is no bad mother, and no good death. That’s another one of those silly Yiddish Proverbs.” She forced a chuckle but only managed to exhale a deep breath. “There are things I’ve done…death’s I’ve caused…that can’t be taken back.”

“Steiner? Anne? I don’t understand? I’ve seen that blue mark on your arm before. I thought it was a bruise or a scar. I never knew it was a number, Mama.” Rubbing her finger along the wound, Julia asked, “Who did this to you?”

Rena swallowed with difficulty as she continued, the pain medication not helping much today. “It was a long time ago in a twilight world, Julia, before you were born, in another country where people aren’t so nice.” How can I tell her all this after so many lies? “Of course, you’ve studied about the Holocaust in Germany, dear.”

“Yes. Yes, of course, but I don’t understand. What does that have to do with you and…your name?”

Rena leaned back against the soft cushion of the sofa, her eyes toward the ceiling, the horrid memories flooding her mind. “Bodies were floating down the Berlin canal…about the time they burned all the “un-German” books in front of the Berlin University. Rumor had it that they even cut off the ears of Communists. Once a person or group was on Hitler's death wish list, there was no escape, no change one could make, no action one could take, no agreement to change ones religious beliefs, no plea for mercy, no sacrifice that could make the slightest difference their position. If one tried to resist their commands, hundreds would be killed in retaliation.”

“Mama, mercy…how awful.”

“While American’s were enjoying Walt Disney’s first movie ‘Snow White’, the children’s magical classical ‘The Wonderful Wizard of Oz’, and ‘Gone With The Wind’ on the big screen, my family moved from Berlin to Warsaw to escape Nazi brutality.”

“Maybe you should rest, Mama. The doctor says—”

“I’m not hallucinating, dear Julia, my sweet daughter. I wish it were that easy. For years, I prayed for it to leave my mind, for all of it to be erased from my internal history, but I was young and foolish with such prayers. A person cannot extinguish the fire of memory. It has a life of its own. Only recently has it occurred to me that I must no longer try to hide and bury and forget. No, I must stand tall and divulge the formidable memoirs of my early years on earth. One cannot be neutral or silent about such serious things as the annihilation of human life and dignity. Neutrality never helps the victims and future victims. It only helps the perpetrator, the executioner, and the fanatical dictator. With the Allied victory in 1945, the Holocaust became history, simple history to be studied in student history books. That creates a distance, a remote, unreal effect making it seem impossible in today’s world. But it’s not impossible. American’s think they’re bulletproof over here in their little dream world. It can happen again at any time if we aren’t carefully alert to the signs. Nearly seventy-five percent of the world’s population was born after world war two. For those multitudes, as for you, it is not a question of memory, but a matter of learning and not forgetting, or it will happen again. I know this is difficult for you to understand or believe, but there is a whole lifetime of experiences that I’ve hidden from you. You didn’t really need to know about my life before this, but now that my life is coming to an end—”

“But…I do know. I know that your parents were killed in a house fire.”

“It was a lie, Julia. I’m sorry.”

“A lie? I don’t understand. Why did you make up a horrible story like that? That’s pretty sick…you…you couldn’t do that.”

“Because that lie is nicer than the truth, Julia.”

“God, how bad can it be? My grandparents burning to death is pretty terrible.”

“Yes…yes…it is. And their deaths were horrible. Let me explain.” Rena lowered her head and starred into her flowered apron, the crinkled skin around her old eyes not diminishing the loveliness of her emerald eyes. “Julia, in reality I don’t know who my mother or father were at all. I’m sorry. Our heritage is a mystery—will always be a mystery.” She folded and unfolded the lower part of the apron before continuing, her mind not finding a place to begin. “You see, I was dropped on the doorstep of a Jewish family in Berlin when I was an infant. They were the only parents I ever knew.”

Julia’s face turned flaccid as she cupped a hand in front of her mouth, shock, confusion, and sadness all packaged up into a poignant expression. “Oh, my God. That’s horrible. Oh, how very sad. Why didn’t you tell me? You could have told me. It doesn’t matter to me. I love you.” Reaching for her hand, she kissed it. “You’re my…precious Mama.”

“Sweet Julia. I know how true your love is. The secret was meant to protect you from stories your tender ears didn’t need to hear. Yes, of course, we will always love one another no matter what happens.”

“Of course…always…forever.”

Rena sniffled back the tears, wondering if she should have kept it a secret after all. “You are my reward, dear child. You’re living proof that all the hell and sin of my life was worth it. That Hitler didn’t win after all. You and your boys will go on despite his efforts.”

“But…so you…I mean…we are Jewish then?”

“No, dear one. My natural mother was German…I think…maybe a Gypsy, I can’t be sure. I suffered as a Jew…but I wasn’t really Jewish…maybe I was…in my heart I was.”

“This is beyond belief. My own mother…a Holocaust survivor.”

 Which part can I leave out? “Dearest Julia. You…you…this is so hard…but you were not the first child I had.”

Julia’s expression changed instantly. She raised her eyebrows and stuttered out the question. “Say that again.”

“It’s true.” Rena forced out the truth through her worn out heart, tears filling her eyes. “I gave birth to another baby, another baby named Julia...a long time ago. She was very sweet and precious…just as you were.” Then with the excruciating memory of childbirth, she continued, stuttering out the rest. “I gave birth…to her…in a cellar…all alone.”

“What? How? This is sounding really strange, Mama. Are you sure you’re Ok?”

“It’s all the truth, Julia. Everything I now tell you now really happened. It will seem that I’m exaggerating or lying, but it’s the Gott’s honest truth.”

Andyour other childyour other Julia?

Rena dropped her head into her hands, the weeping coming from the depth of her darkened hiding places. It was a long time until she was able to gain the determination to regain herself and continue. “She was blonde…beautiful…he took her.” Not exactly, Rena. Not precisely. Through her tears, she stopped herself. “No…Gott…no.” How can I say this aloud? Such things have no equivalence in words. “That’s not exactly right. I…I handed her to him.” Breaking down, as she had never done in her life before, Rena sobbed out the absolute truth to her only living child. “He requested me to do so. Why, Gott, did I let him touch her?” Rena screamed out, raising her hands to heaven, the pain of her memory so great she felt her heart would explode. “He told me he’d put her in the gas chamber if I didn’t give her up for Hitler’s Race Project.” So many dead babies! Pure torment wrote more lines on her face as she confessed, and as she confessed she remembered what she’d locked away—the absolute facts. “No, Gott, that’s…not exactly…right either. I’m so…accustomed to lying…I can’t tell it straight…even when I want to.” As if a block of ice had melted in her mind, she spit out the raw truth between clenched teeth. “He told me…I could live…if I let him have her. Good, great Gott, why did I?” She screamed out again in utter horror at the realization of what she’d done so many years before. “I gave my baby away. I gave my little baby away. Not just any baby…our baby.”



Will you help the 'Little Children of the World'?

Article written for Kauai Newspaper 

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints I feel that all Christians should take this opportunity to stand up and be counted.  Not all of us can afford to dash to different destinations to physically help victims of world disasters.  Not all of us can afford to send large sums of money to help, but as individuals there is something we can do.  Wouldn't it feel good to take some action to alleviate the pang of helplessness we feel for the desolate victims so far away.  As Christians we can do more than pray for our fellow brothers and sisters who must live through such horrendous natural catastrophes as just occurred in India.  To a people as poor as any on earth, our hearts and prayers go out.  But its' not enough.  They had no material wealth before the earthquake, now they have nothing.  Nothing, not a single possession, not a single crust of bread.  Many of them watched as their family members were buried in the rubble while their meager shelters collapsed leaving them homeless and destitute.  Many have no family left. What is left for them?  Where will they go?  Where will the orphans go?

The little orphans will go to Mother Teresa's' shelters.  The children will be fed because of people like you and I who send money to her cause.  There is so much need, so much to do.  What can you spare?  Used clothing for any age can be sent to Mother Teresa's' shelters.  They will get there within thirty days after the packages are sent from the mainland.  Secure parcels well, and address them as follows:  Mother Teresa's' Shelter, Bombay, India or Mother Teresa's' shelter, Calcutta, India.  Zips for these cities can be obtained at the post office.  Please enclose at least ten dollars to cover the cost of the duty, wrapped inside the clothing or concealed under separate letter.  It is imperative that you mark the parcel as used clothing.  Do not send anything with store tags.  Children's thongs, shoes, underpants, and T shirts are the most needed items.

Brothers and sisters, I have been there.  I have seen the work that goes on for the children.  Anything you send will go directly to the care of the children.  For more details about this project which I have entitled "Little children of the world," please call my residence at (702 398-3659)  I will be glad to share more of the details about Mother Teresa's' work with the children.  As individuals you and I can make a difference if each of us is willing to contribute.  Think about all our packages, hundreds of them from all over the United States.  We can do something.  As a group we can do a tremendous service.  I hope you will help.

Marilyn Morningstar is currently staying  in Kauai working on a novel entitled Neon Gods.  Her work as a poet and author encourages people to examine their lives for perspective.  She has traveled around the world, and spent much of that time in third world countries.  Although she has been a resident of Nevada for twenty-six years, she calls Hawaii home, and hopes to plant roots in Kauai, or the garden of Eden, as she calls it.


Volunteer Opportunity- Help Tibetan Orphans

Article written for orphanage project

In this part of Tibet (what used to be Tibet) starvation and disease is rampant and the communist government has absolutely no programs to help alleviate this suffering for the nomads. Without private concern and assistance these people will simple wither away and die. I am a volunteer with the Warithang Welfare Elementary Boarding Orphanage in China (98% Tibetan). I hope you can help us in some way. The Chinese do not allow anyone to bring or send in used clothing so it is very expensive to cloth the orphans. Our trip this year is planned for late summer. I will be there for one month helping the children in many ways, but there is so much need, and I am not financially capable of helping in any sort of substantial way. I am trying to gather support for clothing articles, first aide kits, hygiene kits, school supplies, medical supplies and or contributions toward the building of another building. We house 108 children now, but there are over 400 waiting for shelter due to the amount of parents that die of starvation, or die of disease or get killed in car accidents. As you likely know, the Tibetans have been conquered and manipulated into some of the poorest people in the world.  A new three-story building will cost $100,000 to build. We are a small organization, but the only organization working in this region. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please read below for our public call for volunteers and donations. I would be glad to speak to any group regarding this project. Thank you for your concern and any support you can give us.



80 Little ideas with big results

1. Develop self-confidence by DOING the thing you fear to do.

2. Help men conquer their fears and develop courage.

3. Arouse enthusiasm among men and women.

4. A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.

5. Instead of condemning, try to understand why they do what they do.

6. Be anxious to praise and loathe to find fault.

7. The spirit of approval gets more that the spirit of criticism.

8. Praise publicly and in private with sincere appreciation.

9. Be hearty in your approbation and lavish in your praise.

10.Arouse in the other person an eager want.

11.Become genuinely interested in other people.

12.Greet people with animation and enthusiasm.


14.Lincoln: Most folks are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

15.Remember names and use them.

16.Be a good listener.  Encourage others to talk about themselves.

17.Talk in terms of the other man's interests.

18.Always make the other person feel important.

19.Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

20.Learn something from everyone you meet.

21.Give unto others what you would want others to give to you. Recognition, etc.

22.Don't argue.  Let the other man win.

23.See the others viewpoint.

24.Buddha: Hatred is never ended by hatred, but by love

25.Men must be taught as if you taught them not, and things unknown proposed as                               /    things forgotten.

26.Be wiser than other people, if you can, but do not tell them so.

27.Socrates: One thing only I know: and that is that I know nothing.

28.Say: I may be wrong, I frequently am.  Let's examine the facts.

29.Read Benjamin Franklin's autobiography!

30.Ben's rule: Forbear all direct contradiction to the sentiments of others, and all

     positive assertion of my own.

31.Replace words as "certainly" and "undoubtedly" with 'I conceived, imagined, it

     appears to me at present.

32.Jesus: Agree with thine adversary quickly.  Use diplomacy.

33.Show respect for another man's opinions. Never tell a man he is wrong.

34.If you're wrong, admit it quickly and empathically.

35.By fighting you never get enough, but by yielding you get more than you expected.

36.Lincoln: A drop of honey catches more flies than a gallon of gall.

37.Gentleness and friendliness are always stronger than fury and force.

38.When you wish to win people to your way of thinking begin in a friendly, admiring     


39.Don't begin by discussing the things on which you differ.

40.Begin and keep emphasizing the things on which you agree.

41.Get the other person to respond yes, yes at the onset, and keep him from saying no.

42.Chinese Proverb: He who treads softly goes far.

43.If you want enemies, excel your friends. If you want friends, let your friends excel you.

44.Response: I have been more fortunate than I deserve.

45.Let the other guy do a great deal of the talking.

46.Discuss their wishes and desires.  "What exactly do you expect from me. OK, I'll do that, now what can I expect from you?"

47.Let the other fellow feel that the idea is his.

48.Ask yourself:  How would I act/feel if I were in his shoes?

49.Develop a sympathetic grasp of the other man's viewpoint.

50.I don't blame you one bit.  If I were you, I would feel the same.

51.There, but for the grace of God, go I.

52.Sympathize with his desires and his viewpoints.

53.Be above fools. Don't do the natural response.

54.Return kindness for an insult.

55.Appeal to nobler motives. Consider him honest, upright and fair, and tell him so.

56.Dramatize your ideas. The element of curiosity holds interest.

57.Throw down a challenge. Create a challenge.

58.Stimulate competition with a desire to excel, the chance for self-expression, the

     chance to prove his worth.

59.If you must find fault, begin with praise and appreciation.

60.Call attention to people's mistakes indirectly.

61.Love your fellowman.

62.Talk about your own mistakes before criticizing.

63.Ask questions instead of giving direct orders.

64.Let the other man save face.

65.To change people without giving offense or arousing resentment, praise the slightest 

     improvement, and praise every improvement.

66.Give a man a fine reputation to live up to.

67.If you want to improve a person in a certain respect, act as though that particular trait were already one of his outstanding characteristics.

68.Shakespeare: Assume a virtue if you have not.

69.Say: You do not know what treasure lies within you.

70.Use encouragement liberally, show that you have faith in his ability to do it, that he

     has an undeveloped flair for it.

71.Build him up. Give him confidence, Inspire

72.Make the fault seem easy to correct, easy to do.

73.Always make the other man happy about doing the things you suggest.

74.Napoleon: Men are ruled by toys.

75.Show the other guy how much you have to lean on him.

76.Ask: I wonder if you could help me.  Ask for a favor.

77.Don't nag.

78.Don't try to make your partner over.  Always praise.

79.Don't criticize--give honest appreciation.

80. Pay little attentions. Be courteous.


adapted from How to Win Friends and Influence People



© 1970-2009 Marilyn Morningstar, All Rights Reserved