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Diversity has intrigued me since I was a little girl. Fascinated by people and places different from my own gave me early grumblings for unconventional adventure. As a business entrepreneur with five children, many years passed before my desires could escape the web of everyday survival. Over the years, I became aware of my natural affinity for research, history and culture. I�m enamored by change, by forcing myself out of my comfort zone, and discovering more of this colorful world. While many people enjoy traveling, my everyday is filled with dreams of my next journey, my next �life� in an exotic land. After a four month trip around the world in 1990 there was no holding me back. Two to three month trips became my norm. Traveling solo, I have lived many lives, many dimensions. My travels are more than viewing strange people and creations from afar. Compelled to delve below the surface of a place, I savor the rhythm of unfamiliar shapes and colors. As often as possible I live among the culture, become one of the tribe and in so doing find myself suspended in a timeless experience that I can only describe as an emotional link that sustains me.

When I return to my native reality, I surprisingly find the most rewarding part my experience and discoveries is sharing with others through film, novels, photography and community lectures. I feel such a deep sense of accomplishment when I can make the inert come alive and contribute to the understanding and acceptance of the magnificent diversity of our planet. As a photographer, I hope to capture the awe and wonder of the setting and people in compelling visual portrayals that stimulate curiosity in the viewer. I believe photography is writing with light, a way to open hearts and minds and hopefully intensify love within the human family to which we all belong.

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Marilyn Morningstar is currently a full time writer, photographer and part time actor living between her cabin in Park City, Utah and her beach house in Mazatlan, Mexico. From selling real estate, consulting start-up business owners, to touring the United States presenting seminars, Ms. Morningstar�s business ventures have taken her to the top of her industry. As the Founder and CEO of American Exposition Concepts, Inc., she has produced dozens of trade shows and public events. From beauty shows to women�s/men�s expos to investment conferences, her experience in the convention industry is matched only by her contagious enthusiasm for life. With extensive real estate holdings she is also actively engaged in passive income opportunities. After twenty-five years in corporate America, she has recently swapped her business triumphs for fiction writing and travel photography. From an inventor to manufacturer and franchisor, Ms. Morningstar has enjoyed a diverse and out-of-the-ordinary lifestyle.

Born in Hollywood, she majored in drama at Hollywood High School. After moving to Las Vegas, she majored in archeology, psychology and communications at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Oil painting, photography, acting and writing have always been her main passion. At one time she owned five privately held businesses and a chain of franchised stores while she cared for her aging mother. In her free time, she launched a children�s theatre; Treasure House Theatre. Besides writing plays she also directed and produced. She has lectured to audiences, appeared on talk shows, and produced seminars. Recognized with many outstanding achievement awards, Ms. Morningstar and/or her companies have been listed in such publications as Who�s Who in American Business Women and Entrepreneur Magazine. She has also been presented with numerous awards for her charity banquets, charity auctions and other charitable contributions.

As a retired entrepreneur and day trader, Ms. Morningstar traveled the world extensively after selling her last business enterprise. With her stories in mind, she both lived and traveled in places her characters resided. With the aid of her language skills in English, French and Spanish, she was able to get inside the hearts and minds of the people she met which provided exceptional photographic opportunities. Visiting every continent, Ms. Morningstar has gained an uncommon instinct and understanding of other cultures and believes inhumanity can be overcome through awareness of others adversities, an empathetic concern for humanity and equitable tolerance.  If there is one sentence she could leave to others, it would be: �Leaving the world a better place is the only significant victory.�  






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